Cardinal Veterinary Services PLLC is a truly mobile unit without a brick-and-mortar location at this time. We travel to your home or farm to take care of your animals. Our focus is predominantly large animals at this time – Cattle, Swine, Equine, Sheep and Goats. Regular business hours will be Thursday and Friday from 8 am to 4pm, with some Saturday and Sunday hours available. There will be limited Emergency after hours availability. Dr. Cressey leaves the clinic phone on until 10:00 pm each evening. Please watch Facebook for announcements on changed hours or call and listen to the clinic voicemail message. Services provided are focused on individual and/or herd health with emphasis on proper vaccination protocol implementation and nutrition. Cardinal Veterinary Services PLLC uses ultrasound technology to provide accurate diagnosis of pregnancy with reduced stress on the animals and veterinarian. We offer equine dental care with sedation and power float equipment. Treatment of minor illnesses and injuries and dystocia will be evaluated on case-by-case basis. Complicated cases may be referred.

Nicole Cressey, DVM

Dr. Cressey has been practicing veterinary medicine for nearly a decade. Her career has been varied ranging from being a swine only veterinarian to working in mixed animal practices in Southern Illinois and Wyoming. She desires to continue to care for a wide variety of animals. Therefore, she is working Monday-Wednesday at a small animal clinic and will be offering large animal mobile services on Thursdays, Fridays and some weekends.

One of Dr. Cressey’s favorite parts of veterinary medicine is preventative care. She enjoys creating herd health strategies that include vaccinations, nutrition, dental health, and monitoring of your animal’s wellbeing. Dr. Cressey and her husband reside in Ava with their two dogs and two children. Their hope is to be able to build on family farmland and create a small self-sustaining farm with hogs and cattle to pass along to their children.


  • Bachelor of Science in Animal Science from Iowa State University College of Agriculture
  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine